Best use of your time
WoodStreet consultants focus on building extensive market intelligence and networks to source the right candidates. This means nobody wastes their time with inappropriate interviews or irrelevant experience.

Fully-rounded consultants
You will work with a dynamic and well connected team of consultants who have been trained by in a variety of search and recruitment techniques by experienced headhunters.

Genuine product and market specialisation
Our consultants are focused on particular products and market sectors, delivering a service based on a true understanding and an ability to speak the language of our clients and candidate’s.

In-depth knowledge of you
Unlike some recruiters, we’re not focused on building a wide-ranging client base. We’re more interested in building strong, broad relationships with a few clients which means we place the right talent with the relevant experience.

Clear off-limits
Unlike traditional contingency offerings, you can take comfort from the fact that we have a clear on- and off-limits policy.

Varied methodologies
We tailor our approaches to take full account of market conditions, your objectives and timescales.

Relevant, clear documentation
Woodstreet operates a clear 'no surprises' approach. Clients decide what documentation they want to receive during the recruitment process.

Financial sense
Our market and product knowledge means we can spot real talent with relevant experience without wasting time. WoodStreet delivers value through combining recruitment and search methodologies and leveraging our market and product knowledge for your benefit.