Speak to any employer and the message is clear; hiring the best talent can be an arduous task.

The key to a successful recruitment process is the ability to identify talent across the market. It’s not simply a case of trawling through a candidate database. It’s about exploiting market knowledge. It’s about leveraging an extensive network of contacts.

Yet most traditional ‘contingency’ recruiters rely predominantly on database searches and advertising to build their shortlists. The net result? A really short shortlist of candidates who may not have been pre-qualified. And little scope to cast the net even further through pro-active search. The WoodStreet approach is different.

Built from a solid market knowledge base and thorough search principles, we can offer the assurances that we will deliver. By utilising a variety of methodologies - among them database search, advertising, headhunting, networking and referrals – we’re able to build a more comprehensive shortlist. We uncover and place real talent – the best in the market. .